Portbilet in numbers
> 400
daily directions with tickets purchased via Portbilet
> 200
daily directions with tickets purchased via Portbilet
> 8 000 000
successful transactions during the last five years
About the system

Portbilet - is a simple and effective online solution for searching, booking, and sale of passenger transportations and additional services. During the five years of its development, the system turned into an industrial solution for those who sell passenger transportations as the main or additional business

The main advantages of Portbilet system:

  • Wide content and attractive commercial conditions from the leading Russian consolidator holding Vipservice
  • Interface, easily customizable to individual user needs
  • Personal account with a single balance and a possibility to organize a multilayer sales process
  • Analysis of different aspects of the sales process and visualization of results
Our partners
  • 300 airline companies and 700 of their partners all over the world
  • Russian Railways, Aeroexpress, Deutsche Bahn
  • Leading Russian providers of hotel content
  • Insurance products from the leading Russian insurance brand
  • Transfers from leading specialized consolidators